SETEC's  Direct-Drive Wind-Turbine Innovations

Electronics Hard- and Software, Tower, Nacelle, Hub, Generator

History of the company an Mr. Fritz Fahrner
SETEC was founded in 1989 by Mr Fritz Fahrner and moved to the newly built company headquarters in a Dresden suburb in 1994.

 After years of development and production of the inverter technology, the turbine control and the rotor blade positioning system, the complete mechanics and the direct drive generator were calculated and designed with a focus on improvements through innovative details.

After personal incidents, Mr. Fritz Fahrner decided to stop the production and R&D activities of SETEC-Dresden in 2022.

In order to make his experience gained available to interested parties, he decided to offer it as a consultant.
The aim of this activity is to support interested companies in optimizing the profitability of the development, production and operation of wind turbines.